Welcome to Paws and Prickles!

We are a young couple near San Antonio, Texas, with only three adult hedgehogs: Winchester, Clementine, and Wilhelmina. While we aren’t “breeders” per se, we occasionally have available hoglets, along with a little bit of knowledge to share. So, check back often for updates, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

What Sets Us Apart?

There are several hedgehog breeders in Texas and I’m sure they love their little guys as much as we love ours. But what makes us different? As stated above, we have a very tiny herd. We are not USDA licensed, simply because we aren’t required to be with our small size. We really thought about expanding and have done our research, but with our own baby… now just isn’t the time.

Other things that set us apart? We can tell you the hoglet’s birthday. We can tell you (and guarantee!) the gender, and show you how to tell the difference. We will sell to a first time owner. We will even sell to other breeders (provided that they have lots of knowledge about hedgehogs…). We will accept the hoglet back at a future date and search out a new and good home for it if you are unable to keep it due to life’s circumstances. These are a just few things that set us apart from some breeders, and especially pet shops or most Craigslist sellers.