Available Hoglets

September 24, 2017

No hoglets are currently available. I am planning on a Christmas litter or two though! Feel free to like or follow the Facebook page here for updates.

For all of my hedgehogs, I do my best to make sure you and your pet have a wonderful start together. They are provided with positive human interaction, started on dry cat food, and introduced to a few treats like egg and mealworms. Normally, hoglets are $200 ($50 deposited, with the remaining $150 at or by pick-up) regardless of sex, color, or markings.  I accept cash or card (through PayPal). I do charge sales tax.

In order for someone to reserve a baby, I usually ask that they place $50 down on the hoglet, and pay the rest at pick-up. (Babies are weaned and ready by 6 weeks of age.) The $50 is non-refundable, unless something happens to the hoglet while under my care. In which case they can choose to have their money refunded, or transferred to a different baby.

Health Guarantee?

I offer a 72 hour period in which I recommend the buyer take your hoglet to your veterinarian. If your veterinarian finds the hoglet to be unhealthy, you may either return your hedgie for a refund or a replacement hoglet. This is the only condition under which I will refund money. I will not reimburse the cost of the vet visit, as the hoglet belongs to the new owner now and is their responsibility. We feel this health guarantee is sufficient to protect ourselves and prospective owners.

If at any time you must find a new home for your hedgehog, due to illness or moving or any other unexpected life event, I am always ready to take it back in. I can’t offer a refund, but you may rest assured your hedgehog will be well cared for and rehomed with as much care as its first time.

If you have questions about purchasing a hoglet, the health guarantee, or returning a hoglet, please go to our “Contact Us” page.

A Few Past Hoglets