Feeding a Hoglet

In the wild, hedgehogs munch and crunch on bugs… this means lots of protein, and little fat. So, as responsible owners, we need to supply a diet that fits the bill. Sure, you could give them crickets and worms and other stuff, but for simplicity’s sake, most of us turn to cat food. High quality cat food will not only have protein, but also vitamins and minerals, plus it comes in a variety of flavors. And since a full grown hedgehog only eats about 2 tbsp. of food a day, a bag of food can last a long time. (I recommend putting it in a sealed container or bag so it doesn’t get stale.)

Here, we feed Purina One Smart Blend and occasional treats of egg, mealworms, canned crickets, boiled chicken, or apple. And different hogs have their favorites. Amelia loves her apple chunks, and Dorothy loves her crickets.

So, play around with it and find out what your baby likes.