Is A Hedgehog For You?

Hedgehogs are not at all difficult to care for, but like any animal, they need daily care. They need to be fed daily and their water bottle filled fresh.  As hedgies don’t emit odors, they will rarely need a bath.  Also, hedgehogs can get sufficient exercise from a good wheel. {Check out Carolina Storm Wheels on Etsy! It’s what our hogs use and they’ve held up great!} With ours, their wheels are their favorite toys. As for cleaning- Hedgehogs are relatively neat animals, and some will designate a potty spot in the cage (our mother hedgies are especially good about this).  So, their cage can be spot cleaned regularly and/or thoroughly cleaned weekly.Their only downfall is how messy their wheel can get… It will need a regular wipe down.

Anyone with 5 mintues a day can care for a hedgehog, but no one with just 5 minutes a day will develop a bond with their hedgehog. Hedgehogs are shy at first, but they will warm to you quickly if given positive handling, an ocassional treat, and some patience.