Why Kids Make Great Hedgie Owners!

1) You have more free time than the average adult! (Believe it or not…)

2) You aren’t as easily swayed by trends. You will be more determined in getting a hedgie just because you wanted one. You didn’t get it to impress people. (Stay that way for as long as possible. You’ll be so happy!)

3) Kids know how to have fun! You guys turn hedgehogs into princesses, spies for the Canadian government, and exhibits in imaginary zoos. You can have such fun with a hedgie!

4) It’s cliché, but pets really do teach you about responsibility. Your hedgie will depend on you for her whole life. Plus, pets help teach people how to love. Pets often don’t return anything that you put into them, beyond affection and companionship. When you learn to love a little animal, you learn how to give to those who can’t give back.