Why We Sell to First Timers

Several years ago, before I headed off to college, I thought about getting a hedgehog. They were adorable little creatures, and being a girl, I like adorable little things. So I started doing my research. They eat cat food. Easy.They like a wheel? So…. like a hamstercat.  Needless to say, I was not intimidated. I have owned a myriad of pets. Compared to Katahdin sheep or a horse, a hedgehog seemed very simple to care for. The big problem was that I was heading off to college that fall and didn’t want to leave this new pet. So I didn’t buy one. But my grandparents did get me a stuffed one for a graduation gift and he went to college with me.

Fast-forward two years, and I left college with my new hubby and we settled down in south Texas near my family and church. After a few months, I was wanting a hedgie again. A real live breathing and eating one this time. So, we talked about it and added up expenses and I took one of my little pay checks from my part time job and we bought Gregory.

It was a wonderful day! We had not yet bought any of his supplies, but we had plenty of storage tubs from our college days. We grabbed a bag of bedding and a water bottle on the way home and set up a rinky-dink little home for Gregory and we were all so happy! Within a week or two, we had bought him a wheel, figured out our brand of cat food, and set up large clear tub. Now, Gregory lives in a hedgie condominium with a gaggle of wives. He is very happy indeed.

This is often what I run through my mind when we sell to first time owners. I never wanted to be the breeder that expects you to fail and kill your hoglet in three days because you didn’t realize he needs water. I just have to remind myself of Caleb and I buying our Gregory. I also want to encourage first timers- please don’t feel like you need to hide the fact that this is a first! We want to help you and answer any questions you may have.